Pregnancy update (+outfit pics) & some must-haves

Last week I really meant to post regularly but I had quite the week pregnancy-wise. I had a little scare with strong pain in waves, which I was fairly certain were Braxton Hick contractions. However, they kept going for a while, which made me think he wanted to make an early debut. I am so glad that was not the case, but that little scare lead me to have a mini panic attack, as I have nothing ready yet. Having moved to a new home just last week, I have not had the chance to get his nursery ready yet or even buy a pack of diapers or wipes.  I am sure should he come unexpectedly early, we’ll be just fine and manage with what we have (or get some last minute stuff at Target).

A little throwback to the second trimester 

I am currently 31 weeks and baby boy is over 4 pounds. To say that I am in a lot of lower back pain (and hips, and legs) is an understatement. Add to that horrible heartburn and acid reflux that keeps me up at night, a baby that it seems is practicing for marching band or karate on my organs and ribs, it’s clear why lately I am not having the greatest time. I miss the energy filled, barely any pain, can almost wear your regular clothes, blissful second trimester!

Another second tri outfit picture

Throughout my pregnancy, I have been using a Eucerin ‘anti stretchmarks’ oil to keep my belly’s skin well moisturized. While I am well aware that stretch marks can occur due to genetic predisposition (I have quite a few on my legs and bum), and there isn’t much that you can do to avoid getting them, using this oil daily seems to have kept most of them at bay considering how much my stomach has expanded over the course of the last few months. I’ve picked up the bottle in Paris last summer and it doesn’t seem to be available in the US, but there you can find it on some UK or FR based online pharmacies like this one.

Crazy morning hair at Dromoland Castle in Ireland (last week of my second trimester)

I’ve mentioned earlier that I am in constant lower back pain, and while I am unable to take Ibuprofen for pain relief at the moment, using this little Shiatsu Deep Kneading Pillow for 30 minutes each night, along with this belly support belt has been a lifesaver.

Shameless bathroom selfie at my favorite boutique hotel in Paris

This concludes this mini pregnancy update and my must-have items to keep myself sane during the last trimester. What were your must-have products during your pregnancy?




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