Rainy DC Days

On Monday it was raining here quite a bit and it was pretty chilly! I wanted to do something inside, but it is always tough since most things close around 5!

I decided to visit the Do Ho Suh Exhibit at the American Art Museum. The colors were what really drew me to this exhibit, so I figured I should check it out and see what it was all about.

The exhibit featured some amazing fabric artwork in all different colors. He formed fabric into rooms and other objects you would find in a house. The fabric is really fragile, so you can only go into the exhibit one at a time and you can’t use flash!

I have been trying to see more parts of DC and explore a little bit more, but being 8 months pregnant makes it a little bit difficult! So, I can really only see one or two places at a time and then I am exhausted.

I was shopping with a friend of mine at a store called Eloquii, it’s in the Pentagon City Mall. They have this really cute wall inside the store with these awesome gold cameras all over it. I thought it was the perfect place for a quick photoshoot.

Since I am so pregnant, I have not been able to wear heels as often… so slingbacks, mules, and kitten heels have been my go-to. I still love a little bit of a heel with shoes, so these coral slingbacks were the perfect Zara find.

Dress Privacy Please (without buttons here) |  Shoes Zara |
Purse rented via DesignerShare  |  Earrings Zara

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