Fun With Fruit

We recently moved to a new home, and it has been interesting moving, unpacking, and rearranging my new home while being pregnant! It has been quite exhausting trying to get all the moving parts together, including getting the baby’s room ready for when he comes!

With everything being so crazy and hectic lately, it has been tough trying to get photos in, especially where it involves a ton of walking around. I am not really able to change in a car, or in smaller places, so I have to find bathrooms or areas where I can change for photos!

Because of that, I have been wanting to take photos in my home, but I was always unsure how they would turn out because of lighting. I know natural lighting is so important, so I wanted to make sure we found a spot in the house with tons of it!

These photos turned out beautifully, since there is so much natural lighting on the top floor of my house! I wanted to wear something really fun for these photos, so I picked this cute fruit printed dress. I think fun prints are so fun to wear in spring and summer and this one just made me happy seeing it.

I had been shopping with a friend of mine at a plus size store the day before and we had seen this super cute fruit printed dress, but they did not have it in my size. This dress was almost exactly the same and I was so happy I was able to find something similar!

Dress Capulet

  1. omg i am obsessed with the fruit print trend lately too haha so cute! i just ordered a cherry dress and cant wait to get it lol

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