Rainbow Striped Pants

Baby boy came home with us this weekend and I feel nothing but so much love and joy seeing and meeting him! I have been waiting for this moment a long time, so it was so magical when it all happened!

Now, obviously this is not me just a few days after giving birth lol! I just have some old photos and outfits from last year and thought I would share some of my favorite looks that never quite made it to the blog!

I figured I may not be able to shoot content for at least a few weeks, so I built up a bit of content prior to having the baby, so that I could use it after having him! I dug through older photos and shots, and remembered how much I loved these pants!

Last year I rented this gorgeous house in DC and did a series of photoshoots here! They had this gorgeous bookcase, and I loved it as a backdrop with these pants. The vertical stripes on the pants reminded me of the books on the shelves.

Since they were high-waisted, I wanted to pair them with this simple white crop top! I thought about tucking a top in, but I felt like this top looked so much better, especially for the summer!

The house had this adorable cat, and he makes an appearance in almost every set of photos! He was a fun little addition to all the shots!


Iris Elle

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