Mixed Print Shirtdress

Keeping up with some throwbacks from shoots from last year. I am still enjoying all this time with my new little man, so I am using some photos from the archives until I can get out and shoot some new options!

When we were thinking of places to shoot in DC, someone had suggested The Apollo to me, and I was beyond excited! It is such a beautiful building, and the apartments in it are just beyond gorgeous!

Unfortunately, you are no longer able to shoot in this gorgeous building, so I am happy I was able to get some photos before they stopped allowing you. We were able to go to so many gorgeous parts of the building, so these photos are a good mix of the building.

Since this building has such a mixture of places, I thought this mixed print shirtdress was the perfect dress to match! I just love a good shirtdress, I think it’s a nice mix of professional and casual at the same time.

I switched up the shoes midway through the shoot, so I did a fun mix with the floral shoes and then with these gold Gucci mules! I also did a fun pop of color with this gorgeous coral bucket bag!

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