Monday Morning Coffee


I have not posted on here in a while, but wanted to get back into posting on here more regularly and sharing a bit more about my life! There have been so many life updates and so many things to share… including my son who is now 10 months old!

It has been so cold in DC recently and shooting outside has not been an option at all! I have been trying to find places to shoot inside, but timing has never really worked out so well. Either it is too early and people are still on their way to work and nothing is open, or it’s too late and the place is super crowded during lunch.

My photographer and I found this cute cafe called the Unconventional Diner, which thankfully we could shoot in, while enjoying some food and coffee! It was my first time visiting this diner, but I will definitely be back. The decor is so cute and I love the artwork that is all around the cafe.

Since we were just grabbing a cup of coffee, I wanted to keep this look a little more simple and casual. This is something I would wear when I take out my son during the day, or if I am enjoying a simple night out with my husband or some friends.

I love that even though this sweater is black and a bit more basic, there is still something unique about it with the shoulder slit. I also paired it with jeans and otk boots, to dress it up just a little, while still remaining casual!

I also, always have to add a fun pair of earrings, and these were such a fun twist on this look!

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