Mixing Leopard & Red

Leopard may just be the new theme of this blog, LOL! I feel like I have been wearing it in a lot of my posts lately, but I am also not mad about it! I feel like it is such a transitional print and can be worn during all seasons on the year!

If this top looks familiar, it’s because I wore it in another post from last week! This top is actually a dress, that I wore to look like a top to give it a bit more versatility. I wore it under this skirt, and it laid so well, you would think it was just a simple top tucked in!

I loved this red skirt, especially with the pretty button detailing on it. I knew I wanted to pair it with something fun and I figured leopard would be the perfect print to pair it with. I didn’t really have a leopard top or tank in my wardrobe, so this dress was an easy choice to layer this skirt with!

Since it is still fairly cold outside, I needed the cardigan as a perfect layering piece to go on top of this look! This is the same cardigan I layered on top of the dress from last week, I just had it belted. Since the cardigan is a bit heavier, I wanted to wear it a bit looser and off the shoulder.

To be honest, if I was going out in this look, I would most likely still wear the cardigan the same way. I prefer it hanging a bit more off the body, rather than just sitting on top of the outfit like a coat.

Since the skirt was red, I wanted to make sure I wore something just as bold on my lips! I grabbed this gorgeous red lip shade and knew it would be the perfect finishing touch to this look!


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